Biomerics offers custom balloon options and finished device manufacturing services!


Balloon technologies can be used in a variety of healthcare applications. We have experience working in the following areas and can support your designs to develop a device that functions within these applications.

Delivery & Stent Delivery

Balloons and Balloon Catheters are used to navigate through complex anatomy, and can sometimes come into contact with the arterial wall or calcified vessels. To minimalize this contact, Balloon technology allows for stents to be delivered and positioned to the needed areas without causing damage along the way.


Dilation balloons are used to dilate and unblock strictures or obstructions in an effort to ease the placement and positioning of the balloon in a more effective manner.


Balloons are commonly used to precisely position a device in a specific area or body cavity. These high-pressure balloons can be made with elastomeric materials and applied to any catheter system.


Occlusion balloons are used to temporarily or permanently cut off the flow of bodily fluids in any area of the human anatomy. Both large and small balloons can be used in a variety of applications and procedures.

Pressure Sensing

Biomerics scope of capabilities expands into developing and manufacturing pressure sensing balloons. These balloons are manufactured to detect the pressure within a specific vein or artery. In most cases, these balloons are more suitable than others, due to their ease of fabrication, low permeability to air and high frequency characteristics.


Biomerics FMI uses an assortment of high quality polymers and polymer-based products used in the manufacturing of medical devices. Each of these materials work within their range of capabilities, and met the necessary requirements to develop a stable and functioning product.

Biomerics has experience with the following materials, and can work with you to recommend a suitable or customized material that meets your product needs. These materials include: Pebax, PET, Nylon, PEEK, TPEs, Urethane’s (Quadra)


Our engineering teams have experience working with thermoforming and cold molding techniques that can be developed and manufactured in tandum with your balloon type.

The thermoforming technique is used when polymer materials are heated to create a membrane that is formed around the cold surface of a mold. When the polymer makes contact with the mold, it is chilled and becomes dimensionally stable to the shape of that mold.

The cold molding process uses varying levels of air pressure that is forced into a polymer based material. This pressure then stretches the materials into the form of a mold. At the same time, the mold is heated to allow the materials to form into the balloon mold shape and size.


Biomerics FMI has capabilities to create balloons with additional materials (fibers and metals) that can be interwoven into the formation of a balloon type. These reinforced balloons can be customized to your desired specifications and device needs. We can also assist in developing a customized and proprietary blend of raw materials that are specific to your products requirements.