6F NYLON 9mm X 4cm

Quantity Per Bundle: 5 Balloons

Maximum Quantity Per Order: 40 bundles (200 Balloons)

Custom balloon options are also available!


Product #: N60904
Box Quantity: 5
Material: Nylon
Operating Pressure (atm): 8
Burst Pressure Rating (atm): 16
ADiameter (mm): 9
BLength (cm): 4
CProximal Neck ID (min.in): 0.06
Proximal Neck OD (ref.in): 0.072
DDistal Neck ID (min.in): 0.052
Distal Neck OD (ref.in): 0.063
Double Wall Thickness (in): .0022 - .0028
EProximal Minimum Neck Length (mm): 15
FDistal Minimum Neck Length (mm): 15
GProximal Cone Angle: 16
HDistal Cone Angle: 16
Typical Compliance (%): 11
Target Sheath Size (Fr): 6

Custom Balloons

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Purchased components and subassemblies, as shipped, are not intended for human use. Any subsequent qualification and/or regulatory activities are the sole responsibility of the purchaser.